Leather Strap

Slim Strap From Custom Slr Is A Minimal But Strong Leather Strap

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This one’s for the adventurers. The explorers. The ones who dare to do things differently. You don’t need another bulky camera strap holding you back. You need a lightweight strap that makes capturing life’s moments effortless. Introducing the Slim Strap, a minimalist sling strap made for mirrorless, micro four thirds, and compact cameras, also works great for DSLRs. Premium leather, low-profile black, and a unique quick-adjust slider make this a classy strap you’ll be proud to wear.

The Slim Strap features genuine top grain leather parts: On the shoulder pad, strap connectors and thumb loop. As time passes, the leather will conform more to the contours of your shoulder. The older it gets, the better it gets. It always keeps your camera cinched securely at your side; when you need to take a photo, just pull the leather loop and slide to quickly bring your camera up for the shot. When the strap is un-cinched you can glide the camera for that perfect shot at any time.


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