Wondering about what is the Clubhouse app?… Read on to know the information that will get you started!

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With the pandemic hitting hard in almost all the domains of life and limiting the interaction to just the digital world, many new ways of doing various tasks emerged. Work from home became the suitable alternative for such times, with the technological domain witnessing a boost. Among this work culture and the stressful times emerged the new interesting communication and networking applications with people. And one such application which has reached heights of popularity is Clubhouse.

Launched in March 2020, Clubhouse is an audio-chat networking app where you can listen to different people who can be famous personalities and the common people who want to be heard. It opens the scope for people to voice their opinions related to various topics and issues, and you can also share your views about the same. This app came with an invite-only exclusivity and was initially accessible to only iOS users until May 2021, when it expanded its accessibility to Android users.

Clubhouse app

How does this app work?

When you open the app, it will show you the audio, and pop-up rooms you might want to join. You will see the hangouts where the people you follow are participating then. Join any of it as per your interest. However, one point of notice is that each room has its moderator who will segment the users into the tiers. You will have to align by that if you wish to stay in that room.

As one of the users, you can listen to the people speaking in a particular room. It also gives you the option to know who is talking and also about that person. The former could be done by looking at the profile picture of the speaker and for the latter information, click on the profile pic of the speaker, and that will show you a brief biography about that person.

Clubhouse app

There is also a unique way to express your approval on anything said in a particular room. It can be done by muting and unmuting your mic quickly as a signal of virtual applause.

You also have the option to follow people on Clubhouse. For this, click the button in the upper-left-hand corner to follow the people with yet another click. The feature that allows access to the contact list from your mobile can serve as a good beginning point for this app and expand it further.

The recent update about the Clubhouse app

Clubhouse app

As per the recent news update, Clubhouse accidentally leaked a new Backchannel feature to a few users. It is the feature that will allow users to chat via text messages rather than just audio messages. Though it’s unclear if this feature will be officially made available to the users or not as of now, Clubhouse seems definitely up for experimenting with new features that would suit its users very well. The feature that allows users to add their Twitter and Instagram accounts is an example of the same.

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