The lifestyle of many people in the contemporary world revolves around technology throughout the day. It has become a part of our daily lives because it has eased it and has helped an individual survive in this fast-paced world. One of the primary devices that almost everyone owns and uses for many purposes is a mobile phone. It has, in a way, become an inseparable part of life.

Mobile phones offer many features to the user like calling people, messaging them, looking for information on the internet, video calling purpose, accessing various useful apps and entertainment sources like music, movies etc. and a lot more. The list of benefits one gets from it would vary but is very likely to be a long list. And this is the reason why it has evolved as one of the necessities of life.

messaging apps

Each feature that a mobile phone offers tend to make our life easy in some way or the other, be it directly or indirectly. One such important part is that of messaging. To make this feature more user friendly, Google has rolled out two additional features messaging apps. Below stated are these two new features.

Two additional features for messaging apps

New organisation layout

The new organisation layout as a feature will help you make your messaging list more sorted by segregating the messages automatically into different categories. It will help you recognise the important messages easily as it won’t mix them with the unimportant ones. The categorisation will be in the segments of personal, transactions, OTPs etc., which will help you quickly locate the message you are looking for and will thus save your time.

messaging apps

Auto-delete of OTPs

It will be a manually enabled feature that has to be approved whenever it prompts for the selection of messages to ultimately help you keep your inbox free of unnecessary OTP messages. This feature will ensure the deletion of the OTP related messages after 24 hours of it being received to help you ensure that the inbox of your messaging apps is free of unnecessary clutter.

When will these features be rolled out to the users?

Now you might be wondering about when these features will be rolled out so that you can take their benefit and make your messaging inbox sorted. To answer that, the two new above-stated features for the messaging apps over the coming weeks for the Android phones that work on Android 8 or the more recent versions than that. These features will be available in the English language. Along with this, you will also have the option to decide if you wish to use these features or not. You will be able to manage it all through settings once the feature gets rolled out.

From the first day you signed up for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram the idea of having more followers than your friends or competitors has been pursued by many users and marketing professionals. It is an easy metric to show off to your company and helps show that your social media marketing campaigns have been working. But in this world of spam bots, fake accounts and more shady dealings in the field of social media that number has lost almost all of its value.

Now one of the best ways to see if your content and social media marketing is successful is to look at the actual engagement for every share and post. From the very beginning of ListHunt we pushed engagement on Twitter over following and saw great results. This is not a new concept but it seems to be forgotten in the early days of starting your social media following and campaigns. In the rush to get to a certain number of followers people forget to determine if the audience they are building even care about their product or service. With almost 72% of all Tweets not being seen or ignored, the fight for engagement is a tough one.

As we built ListHunt into what it is today we learned a few lessons that we know go against the traditional ideas but still produced results. Also unlike most brands we decided to focus only on Twitter and give it all we had instead of spreading our content across multiple networks. With these great insights, we will avoid the terrible cliches like “use a hashtag” or “post an image” that plague every Twitter advice list.

Before we get into the stats and figures it is probably best to share some of our engagement data compared to our overall following. For brands like ListHunt using Twitter to share their articles and content, it is pertinent not to chase a Twitter following and instead look for engagement.


This one’s for the adventurers. The explorers. The ones who dare to do things differently. You don’t need another bulky camera strap holding you back. You need a lightweight strap that makes capturing life’s moments effortless. Introducing the Slim Strap, a minimalist sling strap made for mirrorless, micro four thirds, and compact cameras, also works great for DSLRs. Premium leather, low-profile black, and a unique quick-adjust slider make this a classy strap you’ll be proud to wear.

The Slim Strap features genuine top grain leather parts: On the shoulder pad, strap connectors and thumb loop. As time passes, the leather will conform more to the contours of your shoulder. The older it gets, the better it gets. It always keeps your camera cinched securely at your side; when you need to take a photo, just pull the leather loop and slide to quickly bring your camera up for the shot. When the strap is un-cinched you can glide the camera for that perfect shot at any time.


From planning and preparing, through to tracking the nutritional value of your lunches, together with our app, Prepd Pack makes the whole process easier and more enjoyable. Prepd Pack consists of a beautifully designed case, a premium modular system of containers and smart magnetic cutlery. At the core of this new system are the removable modular containers, which can be combined in multiple configurations within the Prepd Pack to suit your individual daily needs. The containers are food safe, completely leak proof and made from the highest quality materials.

Our app makes it simple to plan and prepare your lunches for the week ahead. We have partnered with professional nutritionists and chefs to create an evolving range of recipes tailored to fit a broad range of diet types and health goals. All the recipes are designed to fill the modular containers perfectly, making meal prep easier, more efficient and eliminating food waste in the process. Our app also outputs customized shopping lists so you’ll know exactly what to buy when you get to the store.

No more stressing over calorie counting – the Prepd App does it for you without any extra effort. When you follow our recipes to fill your Prepd Pack (and yourself) you’ll have instant access to accurate nutritional information. The data is stored within the app and gives you meaningful feedback about your diet. The app also connects with Health Kit on iOS, allowing you to view all your health and fitness information from the one location.

A while ago we started a new ListHunt series that finds the best new tools for startups and founders from the past week. The main driving force behind this new series was that we were finding a bunch of great tools, but they did not fit into the demographic that we were catering to with the daily ListHunts.

With our audience made up of a lot of founders and people in the startup community it was an easy decision to start this new series. We know that building a startup takes up a ton of time and you do not have time to look through all the new tools. That is where we come in, making your life just a little less hectic!

Cloudo gives you one place to search all your cloud apps. Find all your files, notes, events, tasks, and more with just one search. Open Cloudo from anywhere on your Mac, and quickly find what you are looking for. You can open, download, or share right from Cloudo. Connect Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Trello, Asana, GitHub, Bitbucket, and more. It’s the one search box that searches across all your stuff.


ZCast is a new way to podcast. Whether you’re creating your own or just listening in, there is something for everyone. Starting your own podcast is easy. Simply choose a topic and you’re ready to broadcast. Or if you prefer, you can schedule a cast for a later date. You can even invite people from your Twitter network to cast with you, and group-cast to your collective followers.

If you prefer just to listen, ZCast displays all live and upcoming casts, making it easy for you to enjoy what’s happening at the moment or subscribe and listen later. As a listener you can chat with the speakers and other listeners, providing commentary in real time. You can also like and share the cast with friends.