Venturing into the world of Clubhouse?… Here is a review that will help you analyse its pros and cons!

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Amidst the times of the pandemic where the digital world is the only option, the Clubhouse app has become a true sensation. This audio-only networking platform has reached heights of popularity amongst users since its launch in March 2020. And this popularity has increased manifolds with the expansion of its accessibility to Android users in May 2021.

This success story might create a willingness to join the app and experience the Clubhouse world, which hosts multiples rooms on different topics and helps you meet new people. However, anything which has some pros does have its cons as well. And it is crucial to analyse both before stepping into that domain.

This review of the Clubhouse app further states the pros and cons to help you make a wise decision for yourself.

Clubhouse app

Pros of Clubhouse app


The digital world of Clubhouse comprises many audio-chat rooms which you can join freely. You can also host some rooms on the topics of your choice. You will have the option of asking the question to the speaker as one of the participants, and as a host, you can interact with various people, be it co-hosts, guest speakers or anyone from the audience who can be invited to take on the stage. This level of interaction creates an intimate feeling for people in a particular room discussing things.

Clubhouse app


With the people from different sectors being together on the same platform discussing things live, it can serve as one of the best means to interact with people of similar interests and build connections. Also, adding the Twitter and Instagram pages on this app can help you reach out to people through other platforms, which will help in networking.


This platform also allows you to listen to the people and industry leaders who have achieved great things in life. So, it might prove beneficial as they share the tips and their experiences. And you might even turn out to be lucky to be able to ask them a direct question and get their expert’s advice.

Disadvantages of Clubhouse app

Clubhouse app

Too much noise

Finding a suitable and beneficial chat room could be one of the tasks that would be important. If you end up deciding to join a room with a lot of participants, it reduces the chances of you communicating and interacting with people effectively. And there is likely to be a lot of disturbance in the room.

Waste of time

One thing you should be mindful of while deciding to go ahead with using this app that you should not let it turn into an addiction. It is because many people have found it addictive to end up spending hours using it. But you need to make sure to avoid that and productively use your time.

Lack of Credibility

One of the critical concerns while using Clubhouse is knowing who you can trust and can take guidance from and whom you should not follow. It is because there is a possibility that many people might be faking their online persona on this app while being completely different person in real life. Such things could get you in the wrong trap. So, such a lack of credibility on this app is a point of caution for its users.

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